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Friday, December 08, 2006

Skype Wifi has finally arrived...

Well...It has been just over a year since I initially mused about the potential to combine skype and wifi... Finally it has arrived but, the landscape is shifting so that those who were holding out for free phone calls are likely only going to see slightly less expensive calls as the carriers in North America get concerned about the impact of VOIP on their long distance cash cow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

free wake up call

Hi, great blog by the way - didn't think you'd mind me posting this anonymously - as you do allow anonymous posts ;-).

Anyone tried this Skype program yet for free telephone calls over the internet? A guy at work uses it all the time and because he signed all his friends and relatives up he saves a fortune on his calls. Might be worth a go.

Good luck with the blog


11:39 AM  

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