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Friday, June 02, 2006

Wireless Overhead...No Real Value

This Blog was started Primarily as a rant against some technology that I worked on in the past. Online video (Just like Google Video) and a variety of wireless applications.

Recently I read an article about some "Great New" mobile software for museums (we did this almost 4 years ago)and it dawned on me, all the hype that surrounds mobile museum technology does not get paying customers in the door.

Yes, it may add to their experience (if they are not frustrated by bad UI)but exhibits need to be physical in order to get people in the door. Otherwise, they can access the information online, and forget about visiting in the first place.

Things like cybermuse.gallery.ca are a fantastic outreach program to the broader community but are no substitute for the real thing.

Infact, public institutions that adopt a mobile electronic strategy need to carefully consider the added overhead that comes with increased information technology.

There are cost savings to be had, the challenge is in unlocking those savings rather than falling for the flash sales pitch.


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