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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Verizon Bites the Hand that Feeds it

In a Recent Washington Post article a senior VP at Verizon outlines his companies position that there should be additional charges for the delivery of internet content.

He claims that companies like Google, and Yahoo are profiting from the network that companies like his, and AT have built. According to John Thorne "The network builders are spending a fortune constructing and
maintaining the networks that Google intends to ride on with nothing
but cheap servers. It is enjoying a free lunch that should, by any rational account, be the lunch of the facilities providers."

EXCUSE ME but, as Vincent Cerf from Google points out content suppliers and end users allready pay to access this network. What is disturbing is that Carriers now feel that they are missing out on some of the revenue and are trying to reach out and grab more money after their services have been delivered according to valid contracts.

While Google and Yahoo are obvious targets because they host an ever growing number of Blogs (including this one) and personal web space tools. Millions of small sites like RambleWeb that are independently hosted outside of the US could theoretically be getting a bill from broadband carries who deliver this content to their customers.

If one were to look beyond the corporate extortion, this initiative will prove totally un-workable as servers are located all over the world.


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