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Monday, January 23, 2006

Ramblings on Digg Spy

So.../. is out...Digg is in. Well... the newest flavor at Digg; Digg Spy sucks.

Digg Spy gives you a real time look into the rankings that are going on at Dig...and it may also give you a seizure as you try to watch, as the article listings are constantly in motion.

This illustrates admitedly neat little piece of eye candy illustrates the problem I have with Digg...yes it is new..but it is ever moving at a pace that one cannot realistically follow. Digg, and now Digg Spy typify the challenge facing media in the internet age; less can be more and more is too much.

With the advent of Digg, geek media stalwards Slashdot are being sniped with comments that it was posted on Digg first. The reality is, depth of commentary on Digg is lacking in comparison to the discourse at Slashdot.


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