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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Free Cellphone Wallpaper Images

Interested in jazzing up your cellphone but not interested in paying the $$ to download or more importantly, you want to carry your own pics? Check out CellWallpaper.Blogspot.com It is a simple service that allows you to choose a picture from the site and convert it to cellwallpater and send it to your phone by sms or download it via WAP. It is a mashup of great applications like Flickr, Blogger and Pix2fone which allows you to convert pics to a size that will fit on the phone. From there...simply alt-left click on an image and it guides you to send yourself an sms and voila, you recieve a message that you can link to and download to your phone (depending on the carrier).

If you own a website with great pictures, Pix2fone has a great tool for you. With the addition of some simple javascript, your visitors will be able to simply press "Alt" and click on an image and initiate the process to send your image to their phone.

Try it out with my favorite frosty pic on the left.


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