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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Do Search Engines Diminish Value of Web Content?

There is an interesting dynamic between search engines and content owners that may have a huge impact on how content is promoted and consumed in the future.

One of the challenges facing content owners comes from search engines who lure visitors with your companies information and links, and present your potential customers with the paid advertisements of your competitors.

As Jakob Neilson points out, the key is to Liberate your website from the vagaries of search engine optimization and provide potential customers with other ways to find out about your site and provide a compelling reason to come back.

One of the most interesting tools percolating are Social Bookmarking sites that let you publicly share and comment your favorite websites. While del.icio.us is one of the first implementations of social bookmarking, it lacks privacy settings that are available from others like Rambleweb.

Other techniques used to avoid the Search engines are on product URL's hardwired links (iTunes/iPod) RSS News Feeds and old standby's like email news letters, and affiliate programs.

The bottom line is, new sites and established companies alike, need to cut through the search engines in order to gain market share.


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