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Thursday, December 15, 2005

What is Trusted Computing?

The Trusted Computer Plaform Alliance appears to be gaining strength in the US under the false premise of homeland security and anti terroism protection.

What the Trusted Computer Platform Alliance is attempting to do is ensure that all software conforms to their standard, effectively shutting out small players and Open Source development initiatives. While it may address piracy issues, the reality is it strips away consumers rights to run free and open software on their computer and limits the ability of applications to share information accross applications.

Generally, it is a bad idea to restrict your customers rights in the way they use the product they have purchased, and the ability of each computer to track and match applications and data, in the name of security is over stepping the bounds of the relationship I want to have with my hardware or software vendor.

This article reminds me of the book 1984. The scariest part of this is that it's completely possible. Please read this if you're at all interested in your rights.

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