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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hail the Return of grayscale Computer Screens

In what promises to be a breakthrough in the way we think of monochrome computer displays, Plastic Logic has announced that they have produced the worlds largest flexible computer screen.
The displays are 10" diagonal SVGA (600 by 800) with 100ppi resolution and 4 levels of grayscale. The thickness of the display when laminated with E Ink Imaging Film™ is less than 0.4mm.

According toPlasticc Logic "The flexibility of the display even allows a pressure sensor to be placed under the screen to implement a touchscreenn without compromising the optical performance of the display. Plastic Logic’s new capability will trigger a wave of product innovation enabled by thin and flexible plastic displays."

Of added significance is the use of e Ink which has been used in the design of the $100 laptop project proposed by the MIT Media Lab incorporates the e Ink.


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