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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Does Skype Add Cost to Ebay Transactions?

EBay hopes the merchants who peddle their wares on its Web site will embrace Skype, the online calling service it bought recently, but some of the auction site's top merchants say they have no plans to use it as a sales tool.The Internet auction site bought Skype, a Luxembourg company that allows users to make phone calls over the Internet, for $2.6 billion earlier in the quarter.

eBay merchants mixed on using online calling service Skype - Dec. 8, 2005

The purchase price of Skype by eBay is one that puzzled me when it was announced but, this article highlights some of the faulty logic to support the price.

First off, understand why eBay's top customers are not interested. For eBay power sellers, the auction site is a means to streamline the sales process. Customer contact is minimized an can occur in a convenient time frame, not necessarily real time.

For ebay Power retailers, Skype introduces an added layer of complexity to a transaction and potentially additional costs to respond to realtime inquiries.

The cold response by key eBay sellers to skype make it clear that they understand their businesses and the benefits of eBay and they are not likely to introduce something into their mix that delivers no real benefit to their bottom line.


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