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Friday, December 09, 2005

Browser Battles Building or Splintering?

The eternal battle for browser supremacy may not concern the majority of computer users but, there are some great alternatives to IE brewing that should be of concern to the folks in Redmond and there might not be much they can do about it.

Enter Flock. Built on top of Mozilla Fire Fox, Flock offers some great tool to enhance the browser experience by integrating; Blog authoring (this entry is written in the Flock Browser), Social Book Marking tied to your del.icio.us account, and Photo management through Flickr.

Now for the majority of people, all of this is outside of their normal tool set and likely of little interest to the masses. But, for technophile's and technophobe's alike, Flock improves the online experience beyond anything that I've seen in recent years.

From the strategic point of view, the fact that Flock is built on top of Open Source code, illustrates just how disruptive OpenSource applications can be, in their ability to splinter off in a variety of directions in order to address the needs of specific online tribes through Web Services like Flickr and Del.icio.us.

In essence, Flock has demonstrated that the battle for the browser will be opened on many fronts by a variety of players, raising the potential for a much different (and enhanced) browser experience in years to come.
/ Flock for everyone? It maybe overkill for the average web user but, it is definately a fantastic tool for anyone with a Blog or Del.icio.us account


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