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Monday, November 21, 2005

Signs of Intelligent Design at Microsoft.

After Reading a blog posting by Microsoft CTO Ray Ozzie, based on his announcement of Simple Sharing Extensions (SSE), it seems that the folks at Microsoft have a firm understanding of the benefits of their new XML infrastructure.

Ozzie, who landed at Microsoft through their acquisition of Groove Networks, is the founder of Lotus Notes, and is deeply immersed in the needs of collaboration amongst diverse groups.

SSE extends the syndication concept of RSS and turns it into a bidirectional process, that enables user groups to update information within their trusted group, thereby keeping everyone in touch.

What makes this truely interesting is the potential to exchange data across platforms, assign permission levels for access and editing to your friends, family and colleagues.

I really wonder if the implementation of this proposed standard will preserve the integrity of XML, or revert to a proprietary format that limits the ability to deliver on the potential.


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